27 luglio 2011

Ti piacerebbe lavorare per Avaaz? 20 persone cercansi!

We've filled 5 positions, and now looking for 20 more super smart, globalist change-makers who rock at no-drama teamwork (specific role descriptions below). We need to hire as many as possible by August 20th when we do our biannual training, so don't wait to get in touch!

Even if it doesn't work out this time we'll have you on our list for future stuff! So nice to hear from so many lovely and talented people, let's change the world together :)

The positions are:
1) English language Global Campaign Director - outstanding strategist, writer, manager, campaigner with native fluency in English. Email emma@avaaz.org
2) Portuguese language Global Campaign Director - native fluency in Portuguese, deep knowledge of Brazil. A global position but ideally based in Brazil. Email emma@avaaz.org
3) Global Campaign Director (India) - a globalist change-maker with deep knowledge of India, but can be based anywhere. Email emma@avaaz.org
4) Campaign Director (Editorial) - will help us transform our website into a one-stop destination for fantastic news, insight and analysis as well as action on global issues. Email emma@avaaz.org
5) Project Manager for distributed organizing - will help us innovate in our model of organizing to build a platform that allows any member to start a campaign and organize people. Email matt@avaaz.org
6) Global Campaigner with native fluency in Arabic. Email stephanie@avaaz.org
7) Global Campaigner with native fluency in Japanese. Email iain@avaaz.org
8) Global Campaigner with deep knowledge of Canada. Email emma@avaaz.org
9) EU Media Campaigner - experienced in media and based in the EU. Email emma@avaaz.org
10) MENA Project Manager - lead our incredible 12-person team currently breaking blackouts and supporting democratic activism across the Middle East. Email Stephanie@avaaz.org
11) MENA organizer - arabic speakers with experience of MENA countries to support democratic movements. Email Stephanie@avaaz.org
12) Murdoch Project Manager - lead our effort to organize elites, investigate Murdoch across the world, and mobilize people behind deep media reform. Email alice@avaaz.org
13) Murdoch Investigator - seeking skilled investigators to look deeply into the Murdoch empire across the world. Email alice@avaaz.org
14) Murdoch organizer - support the project director in efforts to develop campaigns and elite-organizing around media reform. Email alice@avaaz.org
15) Chief Legal Officer/General Counsel - either half time focused on our legal needs or full time doubled up with a Campaigning role. Email heather@avaaz.org
16) Analytics consultant - have fun crunching trillions of records for insights into how we serve people better. Email matt@avaaz.org
17) Deliverability coordinator - help make sure our emails get delivered by being on the phone with ISPs Email matt@avaaz.org
18) Developer - join our tech wizard team to build great new tools for change. Email milena@avaaz.org
19) Security Consultant - we've got a growing list of bad guys unhappy with us - help protect our security - from our members' data to our staff. Email stephanie@avaaz.org and matt@avaaz.org
20) Assistant - based in EU time zone - support our team's logistical and administrative needs in Europe. email heather@avaaz.org

OK, that's everyone we're looking for right now! For almost all our positions you can be based anywhere in the world with a good internet connection - on a carribean island, or at home with the kids :). We believe in healthy work life balance, and match a very high degree of professionalism with a genuinely warm team of outstanding and just lovely lovely people. Salaries vary with role and location but are very competitive for the non-profit sector. Also, be sure to reference the person you know best at Avaaz (or found this through) if applying/ seeking more info.

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grazie per la segnalazione. Per candidarsi basta inviare il proprio CV alla email indicata a fianco della posizione scelta?

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